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Our focus target is the solution which match all customer needs. We believe that the mobile application is the future. Can you imagine that your company , clinic or office is always in your pocket . Always you can access on it , always you can get the reports and supervise the work automation from your smart phone .... why not ?? you can get your dream to make your business on your hand any time you wants to do that.

The most important question here "which mobile operating system shod I have ?" . Simply we can answer by "any mobile has it's internet connection can access the application" ... yes, you don't need to restrict with any specific operating system . Our applications can match all of them.

All of the above were the first main target , the second is you can build your solution from the zero point. You don't have to lose money on templates can't match all of your needs. Just contact us and we will make your needs solution became truth.

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Our team is always learning and updating their knowledge to provide the best quality on our service and products, and to assure that our customers are totally satisfy.





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Ask about solutions which adaptable with mobile and tablets devices.

Green Clinic V1.5

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Green CRM

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Green Shop V1.0

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Green Online Shop

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